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The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership is supporting Senate Bill 22 sponsored by Senator Michael Padilla and Representative Linda TrujilloRead a summary of the bill here.

In 2018, the New Mexico Early Childhood Funders’ Group commissioned ‘A Business Plan for Early Childhood.’ The Business Plan provides a vision for expanding early childhood and a systems-based approach to achieving it. In other words, this is a framework for efficient and effective ways to reach more children with early childhood programs, maximize the impact of any investment, and ultimately, transform New Mexico from the foundation up.

Read an overview of the business plan here.

Read the full business plan here.

The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership began a community and stakeholder engagement process with the goal of gathering authentic community input and information with an emphasis on tribal communities. After five months, and hearing from more than 300 people, 160 organizations, in 39 communities across New Mexico, the Community Outreach Report was compiled in partnership with the Native American Budget and Policy Institute. Thanks to everyone who participated in the process. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

Read the full report here.