About Us

The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership (NMECDP), a public/private partnership, recognizes that when our young children are deprived of quality early life experiences the result is a lack of readiness for school and life, depriving our state of its most precious "potential" resource. The NMECDP is on a mission to create the public awareness and political will for early childhood investment in New Mexico. Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, United Way of Santa Fe County has been tasked with leading the NMECDP multi‐year effort.

Core Features of Our Work

  1. Long-term policy vision while pursuing short-­term agendas
    • Have a long-­‐term policy vision for young children that creates, grows and improves public investment and policies simultaneously targeted to at-­risk infants, toddlers and preschoolers that:
      • Advance funding for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
      • Implements high-­‐quality and evidenced-­‐based practices
      • Includes necessary investments in infrastructure along with program costs
      • Allows children to access high quality practice in a range of settings
      • Addresses at-­‐risk children’s comprehensive needs
    • Take action on an agenda of short‐term proposals that moves toward our vision
    • Utilizes the wisdom of two Advisory Councils of experts from the early childhood and business community to further realization of our vision and to live our mission


  2. Commitment to and expertise in early childhood
    • Early childhood is our multi-­‐year strategic plan
    • NMECDP has, and secures when necessary, content knowledge (child development, key research studies, etc.); program and policy knowledge at state and federal levels; uses analysis (demographic & service data, program and infrastructure inventories, and provider and family input) to identify utilization, gaps and barriers, and successes.
    • We inform, participate in, and monitor state policy design and implementation (i.e. NM Early Care and Education Act)
    • We use policy analysis to communicate good results and justify public investment
    • Always working towards stable funding to support the staffing of our early childhood advocacy and policy development


  3. A leader among advocates and decision-­‐makersabout
    • NMECDP endeavors to be seen as a leader and expert among colleagues and decision-­‐makers
    • We have a proactive approach to participation in policy venues (e.g. Early Learning Advisory Council, NM Business Roundtable) when it provides a place to influence investments and public policies and/or have access to key decision-­‐makers
    • Have expertise and staff capacity in communications; strategically use multiple forms of communications to frame and advance early childhood and to reach stakeholders and policymakers


  4. Advance policy advocacy at multiple levels using legislative, executive and administrative strategies
    • Seize planned and unanticipated opportunities, making adjustments along the way
    • Have access and influence with governor, legislative and administrative leaders
    • Have strategy and resources to educate elected officials and candidates
    • Partners with government agencies including the Children, Youth and Families Department, the Public Education Department, and the Department of Health.


  5. Cultivate, engage and align multiple champions
    • We always work to create a big tent of support among early childhood stakeholders recognizing that, while there may not always be agreement, a sense of "one-­ness" on the issue of early childhood is the prevailing purpose
    • Understand and support a broad base coalition that has relevant advocacy members with identified roles, niche and skills and a process for decision-­‐making and communication developed
    • Cultivate, engage and align multiple champions who can carry the short-­‐term agenda message to key decision-­‐makers, such as alliances with power groups, key business (i.e. NM Business Roundtable and ACI), philanthropic, K-­12 and health leaders
    • When necessary, will engage partners (i.e. NMAEYC) to mobilize grassroots early childhood constituencies




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