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The mission of the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership is to create the public awareness and political will for investments in early childhood care and education in New Mexico.

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2017 Post-Session Review

2017 NM PreK Post-Session Review

2017 Home Visiting Education and Awareness

Executive Summary

2017 Annual Home Visiting Report


Home Visit Program Helps Build a Stronger Workforce, The Albuquerque Journal, January 18, 2017

Home Visiting Program Makes Stride in NM, Report Finds, Santa Fe New Mexican, January 19, 2017

Legislative District Fact Sheets:







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State of NM PreK

Cover Page

NM PreK Post Session Review

Senate District 40, Senator Brandt

Senate District 37, Senator Soules

Senate District 35, Senator Smith

Senate District 33, Senator Burt

Senate District 28, Senator Morales

Senate District 17, Senator Stewart 

Senate District 10, Senator Gould

Senate District 8, Senator Campos

Senate District 6, Senator Cisneros

Senate District 4, Senator Munoz

Senate District 2, Senator Neville 

Senate District 41, Senator Leavell

House District 70, Representative Salazar

House District 67, Representative Roch

House District 64, Representative Crowder

House District 63, Representative Dodge

House District 52, Representative Gallegos

House District 45, Representative Trujillo

House District 43, Representative Garcia Richard

House District 42, Representative Gonzales

House District 40, Representative Salazar

House District 28, Representative Hall

House District 27, Representative Larranaga 

House District 22, Representative James Smith

House District 19, Representative Stapleton

House District 9, Representative Lundstrom 

House District 8, Representative Baldonando

House District 3, Representative Bandy

PreK for ABQ: Needs Analysis and Cost Estimate, O'Donnell Economics and Strategy, May, 2017

Expand NM PreK Tour Summary

Study Gives New Mexico High Marks for Pre-kindergarten Push Santa Fe New Mexican, May 12, 2016

NM PreK Brief

NM PreK Report


NM PreK Poll, December 2015, Conducted by Research & Polling

Early Childhood Survey, July 2010, Conducted by Research & Polling


Child Care Assistance Accountability Act, 2015


SB 379 FAQ

Home Visiting Accountability Act, 2013

2013 Home Visiting Accountability Act

2013 Home Visiting Accountability Act FAQ

NM Early Childhood Care & Education Act, 2011

SB120 / HB296 / 2011

ECCEA / SB120 / The Business Case

ECCEA / SB120 / Summary

New Mexico Early Care & Education Cost Model

  • A spreadsheet showing the financial picture of a “representative” child care center
  • Provides examples (based on a number of model variables) of how operations costs, regulations, reimbursement rates, quality and mix of children served impact a center’s bottom line
  • Illustrates the financial challenge of providing quality care to low-income children
  • Shared with child care and education providers around the state and with other key stakeholders
  • Utilized to develop a cost model on the implementation of FOCUS

Early Education and Care Cost Model

Early Childhood Education Cost Analysis and Recommendations

Early Childhood Comprehensive Needs and Cost Analysis Executive Summary

Early Childhood Comprehensive Needs and Cost Analysis Final Report

Early Childhood Education Revenue Options

What Do We Need, and How Do We Pay For It?: Financing Early Childhood Care and Education in New Mexico

Early Childhood Education Revenue Options Presentation

Business Leader Engagement

April 29, 2015 Business Leader Gathering

Policy Brief

Financial Planning for Early Childhood Development- Final Report

January 15, 2015 Business Leaders Gathering

Policy Brief

Final Report

September 16, 2014 Business Leader Gathering

Policy Brief