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We Need You for New Mexico’s Kids! Help Shape the Statewide Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan for Early Childhood in 2019  The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership (NMECDP) is partnering with the State of New Mexico to conduct an Early Learning Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan and we need everyone to engage so we…
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Business Champions

What Business Leaders Can Do As a business leader, you have a powerful voice when it comes to advocating for sound investments in early childhood. Your voice is especially key to protecting early childhood investments in this time of difficult state budget decisions. As a business leader, in this time of economic and budget stress,…
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 “Research indicates that children who receive a high-quality early childhood education have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and as they grow older require less special education, progress further in school, have fewer interactions with the justice system and have higher earnings as adults.” -Steve Barnett, National Institute for Early Education…
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Why It Matters

What We Know 85% of the human brain develops in the first five years of life. That’s a fact that cannot be ignored. Think Ahead It’s tempting to reduce funding for early childhood development because of economic challenges.  Investment in early childhood education and care is a sound investment and a key component of an economic recovery strategy.…
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