About Us

The mission of the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership is to create the public awareness and political will for investments in early childhood care and education in New Mexico.


Core Features of Our Work

  1. Long-term policy vision while pursuing short-­term agenda
  2. Commitment to and expertise in early childhood
  3. A leader among advocates and decision-makers
  4. Advance policy advocacy at multiple levels using legislative, executive and administrative strategies
  5. Cultivate, engage and align multiple champions


Reports and Resources

The Importance of Early Childhood Governance and Coordination

Overview of ‘A Business Plan for Early Childhood in New Mexico’

A Business Plan for Early Childhood in New Mexico

2018 Community Outreach Report

Challenging Behavior and Disenrollment in Early Childhood Settings: A Survey of New Mexico’s Early Care and Education Providers

Early Childhood Suspension and Expulsion Practices in New Mexico

Early Childhood Education Survey Topline Results, October 2018