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Statewide Early Learning
Needs Assessment &
Strategic Plan

After a competitive RFP process, NMECDP was selected to partner with the state on the federal Preschool Development Grant Birth – 5 (PDG B-5). We will be working closely with our state partners to conduct a statewide survey of New Mexicans’ access to Early Childhood education and care.

This grant funds two things: The research and release of a Needs Assessment of what access to childcare looks like in New Mexico, and the development of a 3-Year strategic plan to help New Mexico and the Early Childhood Education and Care Department build and improve quality early learning systems.

NMECDP has a track record of engaging New Mexico’s diverse communities around early learning issues, and we are well positioned to implement the State of New Mexico’s early learning Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan under a tight timeline (December 2019).

Hitting the Ground Running

As part of the Needs Assessment, we have already started compiling existing plans and research. You can help us by letting us know what should be a part of this analysis. Please suggest or submit a document though our survey below, or shoot us an email .

NMECDP Community Outreach Survey

NMECDP Is Coming To You!

As another part of our Needs Assessment, NMECDP will engage with families, early childhood providers and stakeholders through 10+ community forums across the state and through a statewide early learning survey around issues of:

  • Equitable access
  • Workforce
  • State and local governance
  • Financing options

The NMECDP team will also host focused listening sessions with particular groups, including Native American communities, immigrant families, teen parents, and families with children with developmental delays and disabilities, as well as sessions with particular stakeholder groups, e.g. health care providers, state and local government, the business, philanthropic and faith communities, and higher education.

The Needs Assessment will gather information and data of the current early learning challenges statewide, as well as ideas and recommendations for improvement strategies.

We’ll be sending out important details about our Community Conversations soon!
To help us know a little more about you, your community, and your interests, please fill out our short form. If you’d like to, you may submit a suggestion for directions NMECDP should explore in its research as well.

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NMECDP Community Outreach Survey